• Hom Nath Pokhrel


    I always feel good to work with young minds. MeroGhar is a group of natural enthusiastic and energetic young people.

  • Bipin Gaire

    Chief Executive Officer

    We are working really hard as a team to make sure you have once in life time experience of building your dream home with us. At MeroGhar, we make sure that everyone is happy, but never at the cost of the happiness of our customers.

  • Tara Prasad Chapagain

    Manager - Project Operations

    The strong team members and fantastic working atmosphere of MeroGhar has indeed helped me in my personal development and career development too.

  • Santosh Singh Khadka

    Senior Manager - Finance

    Working at MeroGhar is a great pleasure and a privilege. I am surrounded by a diverse team; all intelligent and friendly people, that have developed my skills and learnt a lot about myself and the world. I am sure this won’t be any different in the future.

  • Piyush Paudyal

    Manager - Human Resources

    MeroGhar is more than just an organization or a job for me. This is an organization where I have grown up with and I believe in.

  • Binod Sharma

    Project Manager - Design

    MeroGhar has given me an ability to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly.

  • Poonam Gasi Shrestha

    Senior Executive - Architect

    MeroGhar, where i have gained the knowledge, skill, desire and opportunity to succeed personally that will lead to organizational success. The experience is fabulous as professional Architect.

  • Hisila Tuladhar

    Executive - Architect

    MeroGhar provides proper environment not only for professional growth but for personal development as well. The organization leaves no stone left unturned when it comes to consolidating the bond between the team members from various sectors, making the MeroGhar team stronger by each day.

  • Sujit Kumar Chaudhary

    Executive - Architect

    For me, MeroGhar has proven to be a wonderful opportunity in terms of architectural practice. It has been inspirational to see the organization grow in such velocity while I, myself been growing simultaneously.

  • Urmila Bade

    Executive - Architect
  • Krishna Aale

    Executive - Architect
  • Jenisha Dumaru

    Desk Executive - Civil
  • Dipendra Mahotra

    Executive - Government Relation
  • Binita Sharma

    Senior Executive - Finance
  • Madhav Adhikari

    Manager - Procurement

    Proud to be a part of “Nepal’s Promising Future”. MeroGhar is an organization with engaged, enthusiastic and pivotal team members where I have achieved an outstanding growth in both professional and personal front.

  • Pravin Chandra Poudyal

    Senior Executive - Collection
  • Barun Ghimire

    Senior Executive - Quality Control
  • Sudesna KC

    Assistant - HR & Admin

    MeroGhar is a wonderful platform where I have explore my knowledge, ideas and skill in positive way. This couple of year I had found immense pleasure and comfortable environment to work with this team.

  • Kebal Kumari Khatri

    Office Support

Our mission

“QUALITY, EFFICIENCY AND EXCELLENCE” While helping people to live in their dream home, meroghar.com makes sure that the services and products provided will reflect Quality, Efficiency and Excellence.

Our vision

Meroghar.com - the largest Home Brand, will set a benchmark for Organizational Culture and Customer Experience.

Our values

  • Client Centric
  • Zero Tolerance
  • Technology/Innovation/Efficiency/Productivity
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Learn - Grow - Inspire